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Thread: Microsoft Excel cannot complete this task. Retry?

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    Default Microsoft Excel cannot complete this task. Retry?


    Does anyone use Microsoft Excel Office? When I try to open Excel document file which was e-mailed to me, I get the following error:

    "Excel cannot complete this task. Retry?"

    I click Retry. The same error.

    What does this message mean? Is there something I can do myself to correct it?

    Office 2013
    Windows 8

    Thank you.

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    1] This may occur if the Excel file is too large and beyond the limits Excel can handle. Check your file size.

    2] Open Run box, type excel /s and hit Enter to open Excel in Safe Mode. Now try to open that Excel file.

    3] Restart your computer and try again.

    4] Perform Clean Boot and see if you still receive this error.

    Hope something helps.

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