I am using Nuanceís OmniPage 18 and any other user of this software will know that when saving any scanning session, it is possible to save the scan as formatted text (and others); but I am at complete loss as to why I specify Ďformatted textí at the end of every scan and it always gets saved as plain text without any formatting.
I rang customer support and a scan was performed via remote access (with saved formatting success), but the next day everything reverted back to saves as plain text.
The technician didnít mention that a reconfiguration is needed.

Does anyone know of a secret for saving formatted text, as there may be a step Iím failing to do. Please donít refer me to any websites as I have searched high & low for the last few days without success.
If anyone has a solution please keep your suggested fix in easy to understand terms as I have a mental disability.

Thanks in advance.