Hi all

I'm wanting to type a registered trademark symbol (uppercase R in a circle) into a Word 2013 document which can be achieved by the keyboard combination Alt+Ctrl+R (according to online sources). Whenever I try to achieve this, the UAC/HP recovery Manager Dialogue box appears.
I am aware that this symbol can also be achieved via the 'insert-special characters' command, however I specifically want to insert this symbol with the keyboard.
I tried this on a different PC and it works.
Would anyone know of a alternative keyboard combination for the registered symbol?
Also according to online sources Alt+21 or Alt+0167 (on the numeric keypad) should generate a 'Section Symbol' (a pair of vertically overlapping S characters) - strangely this keyboard shortcut also doesn't produce anything on either PC; can anyone clarify as to what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.