Hello, I have an issue on Outlook 2013 on my desktop Windows 10.
My Calendar works on my Outlook 2013, but it does not
sync with my Outlook app on my iPhone.

I have updated
iPhone to ios 14.2. I confirmed in the Settings that
Outlook app is syncing with the calendar. I confirmed
that my correct Outlook account is signed in the Settings,
and the password worked correctly there.

On the desktop Windows 10, I noticed that in the Outlook
2013 Calendar section, in the center left, it says my Calendar
is on "This Computer Only". I do not want it to be only
on that computer, I want any changes I make on my Outlook 2013
to copy to my iPhone Outlook app. I do not know how to change
that. In the Outlook 2013 backstage settings, it is currently
set up as IMAP, without any of the Microsoft Exchanges types.

How can I fix this, and how can I help any of you nice techs
gain additional information into this issue? I am happy to
be of help here, if someone knows how to fix this?