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Thread: Windows Live Mail working

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    Default Windows Live Mail working

    Hi Everyone.

    Sorry if im in the wrong place, please redirect me if so.

    I have happily been using Windows Mail on Vista for my business emails on my old laptop.
    I now have a new laptop and am trying to do the same via Windows Live Mail (doesnt seem to have the old windows mail).
    I have copied over all the incoming/outgoing settings to be the same on the new laptop but when testing I get the following;

    Outgoing messages just sit in the outbox.
    Incoming are nowhere to be seen (windows mail on my old laptop still receives and sends as I have not changed anything).

    Do I need to disable to old windows mail before using the new one? What am I missing?

    Your help is appreciated.

    Many Thanks


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    From what I understand you are trying to connect Windows Live Mail using your Windows Mail? I take it that you have put all the details in correctly, that is the Windows Mail Account name and password and that you have tried both the auto and manual settings to get right. If not then try the manual settings and that should solve the problem for you.

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