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Thread: Home is where the Bing is.

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    Default Home is where the Bing is.

    (For seti; Google's privacy policy is not as good as Microsoft's. There is more but that's the short version)

    After a decade of Google's advanced search being my home page, I’m moving home to Bing. No, Bing is not always the best search but in a very odd twist they do have the better user privacy policy. I know. Microsoft is better at respecting user’s rights? Can't be true. Well Dorothy, it's true.

    Microsoft has learned some lessons in the last few years. Their arrogance has cost them market share and billions of dollars (not just in fines). They are rapidly eating those humble pies that the consumers have given them and learning from it. It’s a kinder, gentler and more respectful Microsoft than it was 5 years ago or at least more cautious.

    By the way the privacy policy is not just my opinion; Mozilla Director of Community Development Asa Dotzler, on his blog has this (in part) to say:

    "But in the end, it's about the user experience of the Web, not about the money. I think that Bing's privacy policy is much better than Google's and that's a critical part of the user experience. I personally think that it's worth giving up money to give users a better and safer experience of the Web."

    Since Mozilla makes about 90% of its revenue from Google Ad’s, I think Mr. Dotzler cares about the average user rather than just the bottom line. My respect for him and Mozilla has just increased even further.

    Between the comments of Google's CEO, the company trying to track what we do (and building an end-to-end infrastructure to do exactly that) and their demonstrated arrogance in making decisions that profit them while sacrificing users rights, it’s time for me to opt out of Google. Yes, including Chrome for IE, Chrome the Browser, Chrome the OS, Gmail, DNS and everything else. For an eye opening experience just take a look at some of the privacy policies of Google apps you might already be using.

    Google has finally reached the limit of my tolerance just as Microsoft did a few years ago. It’s time for a message to be sent to Google and I won't be using Gmail to send it. The message is simple: you have lost touch with what made you good as opposed to rich. Stop listening to the media's “Microsoft Killer” hype and go back to being great at search. Oh and along the way get out of my personal life.
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    My friend what a good and easy to read and well reasoned post, which I am sure that many here will find of great interest and many not have known the points that you have raised. I had read the comments from Asa Dotzler and found them an eye opener. It is not a question in the end who is best at doing certain things but in my opinion who respects. Whatever people say, Microsoft do listen to what people say and make changes, that at least has been my experience.

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