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Thread: Suggest improvements in WLM

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    Default Suggest improvements in WLM

    I am a die hard fan of WLM, its my favorite messenger, but I feel it does need some improvements, I have stated some of improvement that WLM can have below whats your opinion on this.

    1. WLM saves our Chat history in our local Hard disk and not on there server, so if in case you format your HDD (which I do very frequently ) your Chat history also get deleted and there is no way to get it back. (If there is please let me know).

    2. Also if you compare it with GTalk than you will find that Gtalk is superior in four aspects-

    Connection Time - There is no proof of it, neither I can support my argument with any resource, but I felt in years I am talking on that experience (and yeah I did this crazy thing before posting this thread I took a stop watch and counted how much seconds does GTalk and WLM takes to start, My results are WLM - 6sec Gtalk-2sec).
    So what I am saying in short is WLM take long time to Connect (not too long but its still long)

    Low Connection - I have experience it and also complaint about it, when internet connection is low WLM sings me out, on the other hand GTalk won't.

    Display - In GTalk there is really nice display Ping Pong, which I feel should be added in WLM also, see below image

    History Again- I really like this feature of Gtalk of saving Chat History in GMail, I thing this should also be added in WLM

    What do you guys feel about it or I am the only Crazy one!
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    One more:
    Email ID: I don't like typing my full email Id while signing in WLM, I just want to type my username and WLM should take care of rest. This facility is available in every Messenger, WLM should have this too

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    Thank you riteshtechie,
    I do not like to use IM software, well not extactly: in 1996 I used a nice software called "Win Talk" if I remember right, then I started to use Mirabilis ICQ 98 beta (both worked with Windows 3.1 and Windows 95) you won't believe me neither MSN messenger or Gtalk didn't exist. One year later I could download Microsoft NetMeeting 1.0.

    To reply to you answer: do you really think you are crazy?

    (just kidding of course, no reply needed)
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    I like WLM very much. If you have noticed very closely, while using Video chat, the video that it captures from the screen is horizontally flipped so as to give the exact view like we see in our day to day lives. (Unlike seeing in the mirror where the your face you see is not the one others see when they look at you). This common sense is not implemented in any other IM as far as I know.

    However, I would like WLM to give an option to broadcast our picture as a mirror image or as a horizontally flipped image. (It doesnt matter much but just for the sake of realism and flexibility to the user)

    Secondly, the file transfer feature need some ergonomical and performance tweaks. For me, the file transfer has never been a smooth experience. (May be it's just me, but I get glitch free file transfers in other IMs)

    Lastly, the emoticons. They really need to be realistic. I am big on that. I need atleast 80% of my emotion to be conveyed by those icons.. I mean thats y they are called Emoticons in the first place right?
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