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Thread: The 5 most common types of E-mail Scams

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    Exclamation The 5 most common types of E-mail Scams

    In today's world, it is not uncommon for you to receive an e-mail from a person or entity that, although may seem legitimate on the surface, is an attempt to get your personal information.

    Here are the 5 most common types of E-mail Scams

    Email Scam #1: Verify your account now to avoid it being closed!

    Email Scam #2: A large sum of money is due to you if you just give us your personal information.

    Email Scam #3: You won something!

    Email Scam #4: The sudden emergency!

    Email Scam #5: If you donít forward this email, something bad will happen.

    Full read at Learn how to recognize the 5 most common types of E-mail Scams - Safety and Security Blog - Windows Live Help

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    These are no more scam emails only but now such fraud SMS are also send by scammers on phones.....

    though one thing they do pleasurable, They make me Billionaire daily

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    The most popular email scam

    Dear friend: My name is .................... and you have been beneficiary of the sum of $100 Billion Dollars..............

    Found too just adding them to your ignore lists doesn't work for most, To get correct email to ignore, move to inbox ( mines set for everything to go to spambox), hit reply and get the forwarding address

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