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Thread: Password Reset Basics for Hotmail or Outlook accounts

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    Lightbulb Password Reset Basics for Hotmail or Outlook accounts

    If you have forgotten your password, there are a couple of online options available to you to regain access to your account. The information below will help guide you in understanding the basics of resetting your password.

    Before you try the reset options, you may want to check these following hints (just in case the password is not the issue):

    1. Verify the email address is spelled correctly. You may want to check the spelling on the domain name ( or or as well. A simple mistyped letter is a big cause in access problems.
    2. Check your domain name: new Hotmail accounts are being created under domain names. If you recently created your account in Hotmail, you may want to try as the domain to see if this resolves your problem.
    3. Check your CAPS Lock on your keyboard when typing in your password. Our passwords are case sensitive and this simple check has been known to resolve access issues.
    4. Try typing your password in another window or application (such as Notepad) to ensure that you are typing the correct password.

    Hope this helps.

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    I have a acer computer, my kids and I haven't used it in years. We have our own profiles set in the computer but can't remember our passwords. Can u pls help as don't was to reset to factory settings and loose all info on the computer.

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