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Thread: 5 things we donít like about the new Windows Live Messenger Beta

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    Default 5 things we donít like about the new Windows Live Messenger Beta

    Windows Live Messenger Wave 4 Beta is out now, and already stealing the hearts of lot of users, due to its superb looks and inbuilt social networking capabilities. But if there are pros there will be cons! We have already discussed some new features, and some tips and tricks in our previous post.

    This post is to tell Microsoft (if they are listening and value our feedback ) that Wave 4 is the best Messenger ever but it still needs some attention, in selected areas!

    1. Why am I not able to change my display name? When I go to Options > Personal, I can see an option to edit my name and I have done it but still I canít see changes on my Messenger.

    2. Where are my good old emoticons? Though the complete GUI and UI of Wave 4 is really attractive and eye catching but we still feel that the old emoticons are much better than the new oneís!

    Source: 5 things we don't like about the new Windows Live Messenger Beta | The Windows Club

    What do you think of these? Are there any features that you have disliked in WLM Wave 4 Beta? Any feature youíd like to see?

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    I have a few problems also.
    cant open Mail due to missing .dll including on re-install.
    Cant add a new comment or update on messenger.
    difficult to add facebook took a few attempts due to “Connection” problems even though I was connected to facebook through browser.
    Shame as I wanted to test this out but alas I will wait for an updated version or the final version.

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