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Thread: What does it mean when WL Mail shows a number next to Sent?

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    Question What does it mean when WL Mail shows a number next to Sent?

    I understand when a digit is shown next to the Inbox (unread mail) or the Outbox (unsent mail).

    But what does it mean when a figure (2) is displayed next to the Sent box! Its happening in my Windows Live Mail 2011.

    Obviously I cannot write or send a mail without reading it! And in this case my Outbox is showing 0 which means there are no unsent mail!

    I just cant figure it out... maybe its something very simple that I have missed ... :|

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    If you clcik on sent items, do you see those 2 unread mails in sent item folders?
    Also you can right clcik on Sent items and Synchronize settings> headers only or all messages
    and then again F5
    pl. Try, if that goes away.

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