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Thread: Window Live Movie Maker - video footage audio to soundtrack audio

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    Angry Window Live Movie Maker - video footage audio to soundtrack audio

    HELLLLP - I've looked everywhere and I cannot find an answer to this question! I am clear on how to replace the video footage audio with a soundtrack (thank you!) However, HOW do you go back and forth from video footage audio to soundtrack audio within the movie? I have a soundtrack playing during one portion of my movie - then I want to fade it out to listen to a speaking part within the movie and I can't do it - HELPP!

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    1. Use WLMM (windows live movie maker) -

    2. Spit the movie into the pieces where you want to keep the sound and where you want to replace it. Here is my video tutorial on how to do that ( YouTube - S1 Video Split V2 ).

    3. For deleting sound, go to the edit button, Video Volume on the left and move the slider all the way to the left.

    4. Then you can add your own sound with the "Add Music" icon on the Home tab. The "Fade" function is on the "Edit" tab,

    5. You could add nice Headers and Trailers if you want to fancy it up. I believe I explain that in this tutorial ( YouTube - S2 - Video Editing.wmv ).

    6. When you are done "Save Movie"
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