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Thread: How to Customize Windows Live Mail Toolbar?

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    Default How to Customize Windows Live Mail Toolbar?

    I don't see anywhere in Windows Live Mail where you can right click and hit customize toolbar. I take it they removed this option?

    Is there any other way that I am missing to customize the ribbon toolbar like remove icons that I don't use? I know I can make a quick access toolbar and what I want but that is soooooooooooo small, sigh.

    any help would be appreciated

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    I think customizing Quick Access toolbar is the way, as you said.

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    After much anguish and searching because an emoticon kept getting in my way, I have learned that you will NEVER be allowed to
    get rid of the emoticons - and that you cannot really customize your toolbars.

    To delete the one unwanted emoticon, select it and hit UNDO - that's the only solution I was able to find - and it worked.

    Of course it's a hassle to have to go through this every time, but what can one do?

    I have tried to customize my toolbar, but the designers/developers have not really permitted that option.
    So don't waste your time.

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