Yes, Hotmail has been my and millions of users favorite and now it also gets an award from PC magazine. Itís named The best web app of 2011. Hotmail has been continuously providing great features.
The described it as -
This isn't your grandpa's Hotmail. The folks at Microsoft have taken updating their world-market-share-leading webmail service seriously, adding unrivaled tools for organizing and cleaning out inboxes and viewing active content. Sure, Gmail gets all the praise, but frankly, the emperor has no clothes on that one. The newest Hotmail outdoes Gmail by offering mail preview, a better conversation view implementation, better tools for tidying up that inbox and removing "graymail," or mail that's not spam but not a priority. The new Hotmail is fast (ten times faster, according to Microsoft) and integrates with online storage for photos and Office documents. It lets you view videos, photos, and docs right in the inbox. If you've moved to Gmail because your friends have told you it's the cool new choice, take another look at the current version of Hotmail. You'll be surprised.óMM
Yes the new features makes it the Best among all others. If you havenít tried the new Hotmail, give it a try now !!
(Source: Inside Windows Live)