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Thread: Hotmail and Outlook Web App issue

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    Default Hotmail and Outlook Web App issue

    OK gang help me solve this one.

    My wife has personal, business, and school email addresses. Her personal email address is a Hotmail Plus account and she uses that Web UI for all three email accounts using the "Linked ID" function.

    This worked great because all she had to do was click on her name in the upper right hand corner and switch between accounts by selecting an account in the drop down menu.

    The problem:

    Her school recently migrated to using Outlook Web App for their email accounts. After the migration to Outlook Web App she can no longer switch to her school account from the hotmail Web UI. When she selects her school account from the drop down menu she gets the following message:

    This account does not have an Outlook Web App mailbox.
    You're currently signed in as Click here to sign out, and then sign in to your Outlook Web App account.

    From there she is forced to sign out of hotmail and into Outlook Web App then when she wants to switch back she has to sign out of Outlook Web App and back into hotmail.

    I tried setting her up in the Outlook Web App with the "connected accounts" function but that UI uses a shared inbox for all accounts instead of allowing you to switch between accounts and she does not like that UI.

    Is there anyway to get back to being able to just switch between accounts like she used to be able to do?

    Please help because as a very wise man once said "happy wife equals happy life".

    Cheers, Randy

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    I haven't looked into Outlook web app. but have you tried other options in Hotmail like "Sending/receiving email from other accounts" or 'Forwarding' and then setting up a rule that all mails from particular mail account land up in particular Folder. Thus mails from each mail account land up in separate folder but all will be in in the same One account.
    Set up this option in Hotmail and set up rules creating various folders and this should be reflected in Outlook also.

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