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Thread: Windows Live Essentials - Movie Maker problem

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    Default Windows Live Essentials - Movie Maker problem

    I'm relatively new to Win 7 Home Premium (64-bit) and have just discovered it doesn't include Windows Movie Maker which was on XP.
    However, I noticed online Windows Movie Maker 2.6 is supposed to work with the above.
    It downloaded fine but when I went into 'All Programs' and clicked on Windows Movie Maker, nothing happened.
    I noticed also the icon next to it was a blank one and not a 'Windows' one.
    Checking Add/Remove (I actually use Revo) the program was definitely installed.
    Nevertheless, I uninstalled then reinstalled. No joy. I then uninstalled it completely.
    I then noticed Windows Live Essentials contains Movie Maker.
    I selected only the 'Photo Gallery & Movie Maker' from the list and downloaded.
    However, the same thing happened as with Windows Movie Maker 2.6. Also, same blank icon.
    I must be missing something simple here.
    Can anyone help?
    Many thanks

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    Please make sure you have uninstalled earlier ver of WIndows Live Essentiuals fully. Also make sure your Windows is uptodate with all latest updates.
    Now pl go here Windows Live Essentials: Movie Maker and install the MovieMaker and also the WL Photo Gallery , Both gets installed together. And check if it works.
    Else you can download the offline Installer (Which contains all Live Essentials) but while installing you can select only the MovieMaker and Photo Gallery.

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