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Thread: Suggestions for PC based email for W7

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    Default Suggestions for PC based email for W7


    The K.I.S.S. principle has been paramont all my life and it's served me & my famly well.

    About 1 1/2 yr ago I switched to W7 and used WLM2009 which worked fine.
    Recently the spam filter became corrupted and I uninstalled WML2009, and tried to download a fresh copy and MS would not allow me.
    Some suggested I download from Filehippo and ran into similar problem.

    Outlook, Thunderbird either were too kludgy, overkill, etc. I'm using OE Classic w/Mailwasher, it works; however it's very limited at this time.

    I've searched, looked at & read about most of the current crop of email clients. Virtually all of there websites, FAQ and very thin on relevant content.

    If I could get WLM2009 to re-install on my PC it would be fine with me.

    For 20+ my busn, and personal, etc. email requirements below were more than satisfied with OE 6 which is cannot be used with W7.
    NOTE: both OE6 & WLM2009 met these requirements.

    1) Spell chk.

    2) Import & export email addr & blocked senders as a CSV. Then save the CVS to a folder on my secure whse for backup.

    3) Email addr selected from a drop down box, not my typing then matching.

    4) Ability to copy-past and/or select image from HD directly into the body of the email.

    5) Ability to view email & images recd whether images were attached or copy-pasted directly in the email body.

    6) Attach a file (any type) when I am in my any one of the data warehouses (partitions or external HD) on my PC.

    7) Send a web link, etc. thru FF or OE to a colleague or client while doing web research.

    8) POP3 & IMAP support.

    9) WLM2009 had a built in spam filter. Used Spami with OE6

    Is there a site where I could download a version of WLM2009 that would work?

    So, if any of you guys have any suggestions or can at least point me in a direction, I will greatly appreciate it.



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    See How to uninstall broken Windows Live Essentials application installations. Once you have done that restart PC and try to install WLM again. maybe it will help.

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