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Thread: Word's Collapsible Menu's

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    Default Word's Collapsible Menu's

    HI ALL

    I’m using Word 2013 and have just now discovered that a few of my (long) existing documents has text which is configured with to act as a collapsible menu (how they got in there, I've got no idea) and until a few days ago I had no idea what a collapsible menu even was.
    Now, I know how to revert the text back to the way it was & get rid of the arrow, but whenever I disable the "collapsation" the "collapsation” the whole title loses its bold formatting and changes the font size. I can only change the 'de-collapsation' process wherever it appears in the document, does anybody know whether it's possible (and how to) remove all instances of collapsation throughout the entire document simultaneously and without changing any existing formatting?

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    You may have to check your setting in the Page Layout and View tabs.

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