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Thread: Help! I am locked out of my windows live account

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    Default Help! I am locked out of my windows live account

    I have recently been locked out of my windows live account. I reser my password and when i was asked to verify my identity all of the options they have to get in contact with me are old and i dont have access or memory of them anymore. I put in a new email to get a security code which i got and inputed. It redirected me to a reset passwrod page again which i did and then got sent through the process again. I did this four times before i found a verification form which i filled out and submitted. I was emailed back about 10 mins latwr to be informed i hadnt supplied enough information. I dont have the answers to the questions it is asking because the information doesnt exist. I havent done what the questions are asking. I rang windows customer support and after an hour on the phone going round in cricles and filling out the same forms i was told just try again tomorrow. This account is my xbox live account and i cant belive ive lost hundreds of pounds of games because i cant answer a security question. Im also appaled by microsofts lack of help today. If anyone has any advice as to how i can get my account back it would be much appreciated.

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