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    Default Forum-Rules

    Welcome to The Windows Club Forum !

    This forum is primarily meant for discussing all issues relating to Windows operating systems in particular,
    and Microsoft & other Technologies in general.
    Following these rules & guidelines will help make this forum a better place.


    While these rules & guidelines cover most common situations, they cannot anticipate everything.
    Consequently the Administration reserve the right to take any appropriate actions to ensure
    that the forum are functioning,
    and not being misused in any way.

    Advice is being offered by the Forum Members without any warranties.
    Windows Club and its Administrators, Moderators or Members cannot be held responsible for any damage,
    which may occur by following any offered advice.

    It is always recommended to create a System Restore Point, Backup the Registry, or Create a System Backup,
    before making any changes to the system.


    Do not post links to, or discuss: Warez, Activators, Cracks, or any other form of illegal material !

    Do not post links or URL´s to commercial software (shareware included !), or porn !

    Do not post links or URL´s to other webbsites where commercial software is reviewed.

    Do not post suggestions to do a search for commercial software.

    Fx. do not post something like: “XXXX can do a search for XXXX”.

    You will be banned immediately, and permanently !

    Ignorantia juris non excusat !

    If you want to "report" a suspicious offer, fx. to buy very cheap licenses for Operating Systems or other software,
    (or a webbsite) then do not post this publicly in the forum !

    Because if you do, then you are actually
    promoting the offer / webbsite...
    We do not want to promote such things by "advertising" them.

    Send a pm to the administration (Admins / Mods) instead.

    Or (even better), you can also contact Microsoft directly:
    Microsoft Windows Software Genuine ? Report Counterfeit Software !

    If you do not have something useful to say, then do not post.

    Do not post multiple posts with the same "empty" content / nonsens / bs.
    A few examples: Many thanks for sharing good info…, Thanks you for posting this information !,
    Nice posts, Keep posting such needed information, Thank´s.

    Of course it´s OK to say "thank you" or similar in a thread if you like the information,
    but it is not acceptable to post (almost) the same all over the forum in a short period of time like, fx. on the same day.
    Such posts will be classified as SPAM !
    And you will be banned....

    Do not double-/ multi-/ cross-(post) the same (or similar) topic in multiple forumsections (or threads).
    If you have posted in the wrong forumsection by mistake, then create a new post / thread in the right section,
    and delete the first one.
    Posting Advice for detailed instructions.

    Of course you can also contact the Administrators / Moderators via PM,
    but then it can take some time to move your post....

    Posting of exe-file links from a public filesharing website is not allowed.
    Sharing of images and videos, via YouTube, Vimeo etc. is of course allowed.

    In other cases of breaking the rules, the vBulletin Infraction system will be used.
    Any member breaking a rule will receive an infraction.
    The infraction will be visible only to Administrators / Moderators and yourself, and will appear in the corner of your post.
    You will also receive a private message explaining why you were warned.

    Spamming, Posting threads in bad taste, Inappropriate Language, Flaming, Frequent or inappropriate Cross Posting,
    Passing of personal or derogatory remarks, Posting of threads in bad taste, Advertising,
    Promoting or discussing commercial activities, will fetch the member 1 infraction.
    The infraction will last for 10 days only, after which it will expire.
    3 such, will result in a 1 day ban. 5 such, in a 7 day ban.
    If a member continues to break the rules, further actions like fx. banning will be considered...

    Posts about software to download should contain a clear description in good english,
    so it is clear what the software really is.
    Do not upload software to suspicious webbsites.
    Do not post topics like "I made a program", because that does not explain what you have created.

    We do not want some "mysterious" downloads that smells like "crack" / "frankenbuild", with a link to piratebay...
    Where required and possible please link to a TWC / TWCF resource or post rather than linking to an external forum.
    Linking to freeware home pages is recommended, rather than linking to forums or blogs which review it.
    Please do not mind if your links is replaced with the in-house resource link if available.

    If you post about news or articles from other websites,
    please post only a part of it (like 1-2 paragraphs), and maybe an image if required.
    Always add a link to the original source.
    Good and full tutorials written by you or sourced from your own blog and posted here, are pinged on the Forum RSS-feed.
    You may post your link as source at the bottom of the post.

    Posting of 4-5 lines and saying: Read More at on my blog... or Continue reading on my blog ....
    adds little value to the forum or it´s members, and serves no purpose,
    except as a possible traffic divertor for your blog..., and is not allowed.

    If you start a new thread then use a topic that clearly describes what the post is about.
    Do not use topics like "Help" / "Need help"...
    Write in full sentences and be descriptive !
    Avoid "text-talk" like u, r, ur etc.

    Commonly known and used abbreviations
    like fx. W7 (Windows 7) is OK to use.
    See list of abbreviations in Posting Advice

    Not everyone has english as their native, or even second / third language, so try to avoid "local dialects" (slang).
    "The Queens English" is preferred...

    Before you post, always check if a topic like yours already exist, do a search !
    But do not bump old topics, unless you have something useful to add.
    You can of course start a new thread and say that the similar thread was getting a bit old...
    Sticky threads are excluded from this rule.

    Do not post lots of large images, members with a slow internet-connection will not appreciate it...

    Link to the images instead.
    Popular image uploading sites include ImageShack and TinyPic.

    Do not quote large blocks of unneeded text or images.
    Only qoute what you really have to in order to make it clear what you are replying to.
    Do not quote the whole previous post above yours when you are replying.
    We can all read that post...

    If it´s not clear who you are replying to, then post a reference to that member,
    fx: @hackerman1: or >hackerman1: ,
    or similar, instead of quoting.
    If you qoute an image, then post links to the image as it makes loading much faster.

    Do not post misleading or offensive links.
    Example: Google
    This example says Google but redirects you to the Bing search-engine.

    Show respect for other members

    Stay on topic.
    If you want to post a reply to something said (unrelated to the topic),
    then post a short reply saying "we can talk about it here", or similar,
    and a link to another thread
    (create a new thread if needed).

    Make sure your posts are readable.
    Do not post a long text in one BIG "chunk".
    Use linefeed (CR/LF) = press ENTER and start a new sentence on a new line.
    Try to put the text in groups with not more than 10 lines in each group, and place an empty line between each group.

    The Rules (this post) and the
    Posting Advice are a good example...

    This is (of course) important especially when you are requesting help...
    Because if other members can´t read your post then don´t expect any...
    But posting BIG chunks of text is also rude when you are replying to someone.

    Do not use "4-letter words".
    Do not type in ALL CAPS, it can be considered spam & rude (shouting).
    Do not spam, bash, harass or flame members, this includes trolling and unsolicitated messages.
    Do not post or ask for personal information.
    Do not abuse smileys.

    Member permissions

    If you have a wallpaper or theme or a power-point file to share,
    you are allowed to share the link of the public file sharing website,
    provided you yourself have scanned and uploaded the content, and are sure that it is clean.

    Avatar dimensions upto 80 x 80 pixels are permitted and should be less than 10 KB.
    If you haven't yet updated your Avatars or Location etc. you can personalize them via your Control Panel.

    Signatures are not allowed, except for Admins & Mods.


    If you think that a post violates any of these rules,
    or if you receive an offending PM,
    please either use the report post button (on the left below the post),
    or send a PM to the Administrators / Moderators so we can check it.
    If you have received an offending PM then please include a screenshot if possible.
    Do not post about it in the forum.

    But do not abuse the report system.
    If you report something, then please also give us a good description of the problem.

    If you want a topic locked, contact the Administrators / Moderators via PM.
    If your topic has been locked and you want it reopened,
    contact the Administrators / Moderators via PM (preferably the one who locked it).

    Microsoft has a KB Article for anything under the sun ... well almost anything !
    Here is a gem, have a look at !

    Unfair treatment

    Should a member disagree with the action taken,
    or feel that a particular Moderator is unfairly awarding too many infractions in a short period of time,
    the member may contact any Moderator, who may then take the case to the other Moderators for discussion.
    After viewing the case the Moderators will decide if any changes should be made.

    Le Grand Finale


    Check these rules once a while, they might be updated...!

    Please also read, and follow, the Posting Advice which contains further guidelines.

    Have a Nice Stay !

    /New rules created by hackerman1.
    So if you think the rules are stupid, then you know who you should blame....

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