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Thread: Chance to win a 15" MacBook Pro - 'Extend Firefox' contest by Mozilla

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    Thumbs up Chance to win a 15" MacBook Pro - 'Extend Firefox' contest by Mozilla

    Final Call - Deadline is near

    “Make the Next Great User Experience” – With such a catchy tagline, Mozilla has announced a contest called ‘Extend Firefox’ in which the participant has to make a unique and useful addon and/or update the existing ones in a unique way. Such contests have been held by Mozilla in the past and recently it came up with a similar kind of a competition. So what makes this contest a ‘unique’ one. It’s the prize. Yes, the winner of the contest will get a ‘package of prizes’ (yes, a package) including the much drooled over 15" MacBook Pro.

    The Basic Rule:

    Create an add-on for Mozilla Firefox 3.5 OR modify an existing one such that it significantly improves user experience and performance. That’s it.

    Important Dates:

    The contest has already started on June 16, 2009 and is through till October 2, 2009 - 23:59 Pacific Time (i.e. October 3, 2009 13:29 Indian Standard Time). There is not much time left. So, hurry up.

    The winners of the contest will be announced on November 9, 2009.
    Read more of this on my blog | Official announcement
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    Thank you
    So, I think I'll stop using Firefox 3.5
    (just kidding)

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    A related Firefox initiative in case you have missed it: Firefox opens 2009-2010 Mozilla Campus Reps Signups.

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    thanks for informing about this

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    Is it a book about 15" Macs for keeping out the rainbecause if its about anything else then surely its got to be about a Macdonlads, because anything else in my humble opinion would be not worth having, compared to Windows for example...or am I be a bit spitefull

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