Windows 7 is now broadly available to the public, and to celebrate this launch Microsoft Hardware is offering deals on some of its innovative products that help make everyday tasks faster and easier with the new operating system. Consumers all over the world are celebrating the availability of Windows 7 by hosting their own launch parties from Oct. 22 through today, and party hosts have been able to receive virtual coupon books to share with their guests, which are filled with exciting offers on several products. These offers are now available to people who didn’t host a party so everyone has the opportunity to take advantage of the deals.

Deals from Microsoft Hardware include discounts on the latest products, including LifeCam Cinema, Wireless Laser Desktop 6000 and Explorer Mini Mouse. Information on these hardware deals can be found at Microsoft Hardware & Windows® 7.

Everyday Tasks Made Easy

These featured products, as well as Microsoft Hardware’s entire current line of mice, keyboards, LifeCams, gaming devices and notebook accessories, are fully compatible with Windows 7.1 Several Microsoft Hardware products make everyday tasks easier with the following features exclusive to Windows 7:

• Taskbar Favorites. Using many Microsoft keyboards, people can easily access their open programs by mapping keys to the location of applications on the improved Windows Taskbar. The icons in the Taskbar can be easily rearranged just by clicking and dragging, and Taskbar Favorites will instantly adapt to the icons’ new locations.2

• Device Stage. Many Microsoft Hardware mouse and keyboard products will support Device Stage, a Windows 7 feature that gives customers quick and easy access to common tasks, including product information, registration, settings and more for popular device categories such as cell phones, cameras, printers, portable media players and input devices.

• Windows Flip. Many Microsoft mouse and keyboard users can easily see a thumbnail preview of all open windows with the press of a button. A full-screen preview of the application will automatically display, enabling the user to better identify and select the desired application.

• Windows Live Movie Maker and Windows Live Photo Gallery. LifeCam users will be able to do more with photos and movies. With Movie Maker they can start a movie project with one click, and then upload video to social networking sites. Photo Gallery access will enable them to easily upload a photo that they can edit, tag and share with friends and family.2

Availability and Compatibility

• Consumers can take advantage of the Microsoft Hardware discounts starting today. Even those who didn’t host a launch party will have access to special Microsoft Hardware offers at Special Offers.

• When choosing peripherals for their Windows 7-based PCs, consumers can feel confident that many current Microsoft Hardware products are compatible with the new operating system.1 Microsoft Hardware products tested under Microsoft specifications for compatibility with the new operating system will display a Windows 7 logo on the product.

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