Mozilla have recently released the first publicly available version of the mobile edition of Firefox, otherwise known as Fennec, to the Maemo platform that the Nokia N900 runs on.

Features of the browser include tabbed browsing just like its desktop counterpart and a new feature called Weave Sync. What this does is synchronises bookmarks, history, saved passwords and open tabs between computers/devices. This means if you find a site you want to remember on a different computer to your own, you can sync it up and view it back on your own PC without the hassle of e-mailing yourself the URL as an example.

At the moment Fennec has 40 add-ons available from its gallery. These include Weave Sync and numerous others, including an Ad Blocker and a Twitter add-on for posting tweets from within the browser (if you didnít have a native application already). One of the more interesting add-ons though is one that enables viewing of YouTube videos. Mozilla made the hasty decision of removing Flash support from the browser at the last minute, because it severely impacted the performance of the browser itself. This add-on only allows the user to view YouTube videos and no other Flash content.

The next platform to support the browser is looking to be Windows Mobile. Owners of certain handsets can already try out the Alpha 3 build of the browser for Windows Mobile on their devices. The only other choice for Mozilla is Android after that, because Apple refuse any other application on the App Store that isnít based on WebKit, and the browser isnít compatible with RIMís Java based Operating System. Mozilla hasnít mentioned developing the browser for Symbian but also does not reveal any technical problems with the platform.

Source: The Mozilla Blog
Firefox for Mobile Now Available on Nokiaís Maemo Platform! :: The Mozilla Blog