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Thread: Microsoft to end FAST enterprise search offering to Linux & Unix

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    Default Microsoft to end FAST enterprise search offering to Linux & Unix

    Microsoft has decided that in order to deliver more innovation per release in the future, the FAST 2010 products will be the last to include a search core that runs on Linux and UNIX.

    Microsoft Enterprise Search Blog : Innovation on Linux and UNIX

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    When FAST was founded back in 1997, we were told that it was too late to start a search company. The prevailing wisdom back then was that search was already a commodity: Verity had won the enterprise and AltaVista had won the web. More than ten years later, it’s clear that we’re just getting started. Today I actually see more opportunities than ever for search to change the world in profound ways—and I believe that innovation is the magic that will make it all happen. Although I understand that focusing on Windows will be a hard change for some of our customers, I’m convinced that it’s the right thing to do because it will accelerate our rate of innovation. By focusing on Windows we’ll be able to tap into a valuable set of competencies and assets across Microsoft and deliver better technologies more efficiently to our customers. I recognize that if you run FAST ESP on Linux and UNIX today, you’ll likely have a lot of questions over the next few days and weeks. There’s no immediate action required as a result of this announcement—and I expect that most of you will stay with your current deployments for some time. But I encourage you to contact your account representative to talk about what this means for you and to learn more about what we can do to help. We’re committed to working with you through the transition and look forward to partnering with you for success now and in the future.

    Bjørn Olstad

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