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Thread: If you own a Warez Forum than beware

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    Default If you own a Warez Forum than beware

    An Internet forum which provided links to movies and TV shows hosted on sites such as Rapidshare has been raided by police. Following an anti-piracy group investigation, three alleged operators of the 30,000 member site were arrested, two of which were teenagers. Searches were carried out on members in three other locations.

    With 30,000 members Filmowisko was a prominent file-sharing forum. The site didnít host any illicit material, but like many of its type, linked to movies,TV shows, music and other warez stored on hosting sites such as Rapidshare.



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    there are countless warez forums, if 10 will banned 100 new were created. the only way to stop them is to stop file sharing websites to share illegal contents...

    What actually Warez is? to know about this, check Warez | From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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