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Thread: OOPS!!! Google Displays Secret Base on Google Maps

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    Cool OOPS!!! Google Displays Secret Base on Google Maps

    If you had to pit the former KGB against Google in a “spy-off”, who would win? My bet is on Google. The former Soviet Union’s uber-powerful spy agency didn’t have anything like Google’s resources, Google’s reach, and they certainly didn’t have Google’s enormous storehouse of data. The KGB also didn’t have Google’s fun little Street View camera cars.

    That brings us back to our spy-off, because as it turns out, Google seems to have “outed” a secret base of the British SAS, sending the UK government into something of a kerfuffle (tumult).

    The British Special Air Service is the British special forces unit tasked primarily with intelligence gathering and counter-intelligence. According to an article in the British Daily Mail online, the SAS has managed to keep its base off maps for donkey’s years (quite a long time).

    Although most people in the region know the base is there, no real detail has ever appeared before in published material. Now, it appears the boffins (techies) at Google have bodged (screwed) it all up. Google’s fiddly-bits-filled camera cars managed to take a dekko (reconnoiter) at it, and members of the British military and parliament are quite gobsmacked (surprised) that Google would filch (swipe) pictures of their most secret locations.

    The maps show it

    I was able to verify that something labeled “XXXXXXXXX XXXX” (redacted) was searchable on both Google Earth and Google Maps. Since I work with counterterrorism professionals regularly, that’s information I’m not going to tell you how to find. What the pictures would have shown — had I not blurred them out so you can’t read them — would have been what’s marked as the base entrance.

    So the Mail article seems true, in that Google has been a nosey parker (buttinski) at what certainly looks like a British base.

    Original article from ZDNet
    Real-life James Bonds annoyed at Google for showing secret base on Street View | ZDNet Government |

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    Yeah I've found lots of secret bases in Google Earth/Maps, but I can't show any of you because ninjas would kill me.

    I once worked with a guy that claimed his brother is a nuclear waste/weapons disposal specialist, and he's tailed 24/7/365 by 2 federal agents because he knows the locations. Great, so why, if this is true, would you tell me? Hmmm..
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    There can be no secrets now, with Google around

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