Asus is starting their USB 3.0 campaign on the N Series notebook line, plus on the Eee PC 1018/1015/1016 netbooks announced at CeBIT and the Eee Box 1510U/1210U PCs.

They’ll also be implementing USB 3.0 on a wide range of motherboards, listed below:

P7P55/P7P55D/P7P55D-E Series (Intel P55 chipset)
P7P55 WS SuperComputer (Intel P55 chipset)
ROG Rampage II Series/Rampage III Extreme (Intel X58 chipset)
ROG Maximus III Series (Intel P55 chipset)
P6T/P6TD/P6X58 Series (Intel X58 chipset)
P7F7-E WS SuperComputer (Intel 3450 chipset)
P7H57/P7H55 Series (Intel H57/H55 chipset)
P5G41T-M/USB3 (Intel G41 chipset)
P5P43TD/USB3 (Intel P43 chipset)
M4A89 Series (AMD 890GX/890FX chipset)
M4A88/M4A87 Series (AMD 880/870 chipset)
M4A77 Series (AMD 770 chipset)
M4A785 Series (AMD 785G chipset)
M4A78 Series (AMD 780 chipset)
M4A79 Series (AMD 790FX chipset)

ASUS was the first to include USB 3.0 on a motherboard, offering the new technology not just as-is, but optimized to realize its potential. Based on world-acclaimed motherboard design expertise, ASUS has been able to quickly move on integrating USB 3.0 so that consumers may take advantage of it without delays.

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