The worlds’ one of the richest man Bill Gates and India’s powerful young politician Rahul Gandhi visited the small village Amethi which is situated in Uttar Pradesh on This tuesday (11th may 2010).

The visit was maintained as a top secret till late Monday evening, to keep the media and others away. Even the main state leaders of Congress were unaware of this visit.

Rahul and Bill Gates reached Gortholia village at night and also held a community meeting. Here they talked about their problems. The villagers have never heard of Bill Gates but they call him “bahut dhani aadmi” (a very rich man).

In that visit Rahul and Bill Gates talked about some serious issues regarding Indian economical and economical condition.

Gates, who is the co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, made these remarks in his annual letter while recalling his experiences during his India visit last year. According to Gates, “Rahul (Gandhi) was very frank in saying that a lot of the money is not getting to the intended recipients and that it won’t be easy to fix right away. He described Rahul Gandhi as “a very frank person”.