The Wi-Fi Alliance (Non-Profit organization that certifies interoperability of wireless Local Area Network products based on IEEE 802.11 specifactions) is getting ready to put an end to WEP and TKIP on access points and WiFi devices.

As early as January 2011 the Wi-Fi Alliance plans to disallow TKIP on access points, with the standard being disallowed on all WiFi devices by 2012.

WEP gets a slight stay of execution, with the standard being banned on access points from 2013, with the near useless and outdated encryption standard being banned from all WiFi devices a year later.

WPA2-Mixed mode, which allows TKIP, will also go 2014, leaving only WPA2-AES.

Source ZDNet:
Wi-Fi Alliance to dump WEP and TKIP ... not soon enough | ZDNet

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