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Thread: Microsoft ends support for Windows Server 2000

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    Default Microsoft ends support for Windows Server 2000


    Microsoft has stopped its support for Windows Server 2000 and cut back on support for its Windows Server 2003.

    All public support for the server operating system ended on Tuesday, Microsoft said on its help and support page. Windows Server 2000 customers will only have access to self-help online support, including access to FAQs and community support forums.

    In addition, the company took Windows Server 2003 off mainstream support, but customers will continue to receive security updates and access to paid support for the software until 2015.- ZDNet UK

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    What's scary is some companies still rely on Win2k. Yes, they had enough time to upgrade, which they should definitely have done, but no updates means big businesses will be vulnerable to security holes that won't be patched. That might lead to personal information being exposed and who knows what else.

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