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Thread: Windows 8 Expected Features

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    Default Windows 8 Expected Features

    Well it may be too early to discuss this but may be not, with Windows 8 leaked paper floating all over the internet, many IT Pros has claimed a lot about Microsoft’s new OS - Windows 8.

    Windows XP Windows 8 Expected Features

    Here is what we think the new OS should offer -

    1. Touch Screens: We have already saw Touch Screen version of OS ie Windows 7, so it is sure that there must be a lot of improvements in it, may be like multi-touch capability and lot more.

    2. Biometrics Support: New Windows 8 would have inbuilt Biometric password login support, now who need to type a password when you have your face or eye or finger print to do your work. Having said that it automatically enhances the security feature manifolds.

    3. Faster Boot up: Ever since I started using computer the only thing that I hated is the Boot Screen and I hate waiting to let it get load, on average Vista 40 secs, Windows 7 took 27 secs to load, so we may expect some more loss of seconds in Windows 8.

    What's in your list?
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    And there's a reset button for windows. Would be interesting to see how it is different from Windows Complete PC Backup and Restore.

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    heard windows 8 will be completely different from other windows Operating systems up to now...i'm waiting for beta release in late 2011 .....

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    Definitely Windows 8 would be code-base on Windows Vista/7. But its too early to talk about Windows 8. Windows 7 SP1 will not include any feature enhancement, so perhaps Microsoft is preparing feature list for next generation Windows operating system.

    Windows 7 is doing the same as Windows XP did... earlier.

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    According to Microsoft’s confidential slides that appeared on Cnet web-site, Microsoft will target four PC form-factors – desktop, laptop, all-in-one desktop and slate. It can be expected that Windows 8 graphics user interface will either be customizable or will be generally very flexible to satisfy completely different users.
    In addition one of the key features of Windows 8 will be very fast boot time or even instant-on feature.

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    Yeah! good idea having password WITH face or finger print, cuz if you have a twin that would be a problem HA

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    The Windows 8 leaked plans & images are still available

    These slides, each labelled confidential, probably were used for some behind-the-doors presentation and contain tremendous detail and some very mouth-watering prospects. For the eager eyes, here lies the list and our views.

    Full read: Windows 8 plans leaked sound awesome Windows - Online Best Latest Windows 8 plans leaked sound awesome

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    Faster bootup is expected and rumor is Microsoft is actively working on it. Sadly leaked post-RTM 7 builds aren't that revealing (which is to be expected). All I hope is they learn the lesson from Vista and don't tear the kernel apart and break too much compatibility unless that's really necessary. If they do it, they should at least build on-the-fly virtualization right in (which I expect them to do anyway) to maintain compatibility.

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    Lock and unlock system with face and finger is like by me. But I think the Windows Phone type start menu is a nice feature for phone but there it is not so nice.

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