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Thread: The largest photo on Earth– Budapest in 70 gigapixels

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    Default The largest photo on Earth– Budapest in 70 gigapixels

    Check this – the largest Photo on Earth – 70 Billion Pixels. (70 gigapixels) !!
    70 Billion Pixels Budapest - The largest photo on Earth - created by

    Go to the above given link to view the photo, click at the bottom thumbnails to zoom into that particular image. Click on ‘Home’ at left side above slider to get back to see the entire image. Try the Aero-plane thumbnail and others to zoom in.

    Some Amazing facts -
    “The World Record starts with a high definition camera and and a telephoto lens with an extremely narrow field of view. Sony’s A900 25MP camera seemed an obvious choice, and Sony was pleasantly eager to provide us one. Fitted with a 400mm Minolta lens and 1,4X teleconverter, it provided a 2,4 degree horizontal FOW per frame. Our estimate was that a 60 gigapixel image (with the necessary overlaps) would require 5040 individual photographs — 24 rows with 210 frames in each, taken with a 360 degree horizontal and a 60 degree vertical FOV. Counting with 4 seconds per frame (during which the robotic head re-adjusts for the next shot), it was quite clear that the task would take a minimum of 6 hours to complete…”

    “Should the final image be printed, the finished 300 DPI picture would make a poster 156 meters long and 31 meters tall. The amount of paper it would take would also cover two 10-story apartment blocks.”

    “Post-processing was done on a Dell Precision T7500 Workstation with twin 4-core Xenon processors, 24GB memory and 6TB hard disk, courtesy of Microsoft Hungary. For the initial compilation we used Autopano Giga, the most complete software solution for processing high-resolution images. The task took two days to complete and resulted in a single 200 GB Autopano KRO file.”

    Web display

    To display it on the web, we compiled a picture consisting of 21 individual layers, each compiled of a series of 254x254 JPGs in a so-called image pyramid. The full pyramid consists of 1.476.098 frames, of which over 1 million is situated in the deepest layer. We used the Microsoft Silverlight plugin which, with its ever-so-slight color washing, provides the best results among current technologies. More importantly, it allows users with mid-spec machines and average internet connections to experience the World Recorder panorama in its full glory.

    Data storage
    Due to the level of projected interest and the resulting bandwidth demand, we needed a safe and stable storage solution. Windows Azure offers both in a platform based on „cloud computing”, which provides equal chance of access to all and every users from anywhere in the world. Computing and storage capacities are dynamically scalable to bandwidth demand.
    Windows Azure also supports a large number of popular technologies and protocols including SOAP, REST, XML and PHP.
    Also check the making of video and other interesting information in detail from that site.
    Amazing !! Try to explore and zoom in to discover !

    70 Billion Pixels Budapest - The largest photo on Earth - created by

    (Source:The largest photo on Earth–70 billion pixels Budapest )

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    I wonder many megs that picture is!!!

    Thanx for sharing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dude111 View Post
    I wonder many megs that picture is!!!

    Thanx for sharing
    "Megs"? I bet at least a few dozen gigs, it's huge.

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