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Thread: What do you want to see in Windows 8?

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    Default Improvements in Windows Explorer

    Its posted on Improvements in Windows Explorer - Building Windows 8 - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

    I read this and its really great job. I love it.
    Quote from link above:
    “Folder views and preview pane. In Windows 7, the toolbar contains folder view options and a preview pane toggle (and a Help button), but since this toolbar is gone in Windows 8 (replaced by the ribbon), these options are now available instead in the bottom right of the window.”

    Now I see maximize, minimize, close button larger. Indeed it’s better to have these larger, since they don’t take extra space, and it’s easier to click on them and see them. cnBeta screenshot:

    Caption buttons:
    One other nice thing I like to see is the ability to reduce windows to their title bar (Minimize to Caption) , as this does do in Windows 7:
    Control windows of your Programs with Window Manager
    The Aero Snap is already perfect, so i don't use the same like Aero Snap thing in that app.
    But other features, like reducing the window to its title bar, is very nice thing to have, as an option too.

    The button up in the top right corner of the window, beside the New Folder button: it will act like the ALT+SPACEBAR (Open the shortcut menu for the active window)

    Currently in Office 2010, in Word for instance, when you click the Word icon up in the top right corner of the window, beside the Save button, it opens the shortcut menu for the active window. So its great we have the same thing in Windows Explorer.

    About Ribbon interface in Windows Explorer see my reply on in which I also mention why it so innovative, and useful and it provided a way to make previously hidden functionality far more discoverable.

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    I wonder if the Office like Ribbon UI in Windows Explorer excites any of you ... or not...

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    HappyAndyK, I love it. I was reading Paul's take on it, on What ELSE Microsoft Revealed About Explorer In Windows 8 and I might agree with his 'Wasting space with little-used commands.' as he says:
    A bunch of commands--including Open and Edit, by the way--that are not in the 81 percent most-frequently used commands. Huh?
    He also talks about New features:
    New features. On the good news front, there are hints of new features in the Windows 8 Explorer ribbon, or at least features that are being newly surfaced to the forefront. These include: Copy Path, Paste Shortcut, New Item (which I assume is like the New context menu choices), Easy Access (?), and History, among others.
    Share tab is also great. I hope they keep it simple too.
    I liked this post on TJ
    29 Aug 2011 9:30 AM

    I really like the look. It takes up a lot of screen real estate, but with a 1920x1200 main monitor that isn't an issue for me. Plus I won't likely use the ribbon with the other great feature...QAT. A lot of people above are complaining about the screen real estate. The likely did not read the article. Double click on the active tab and the icons go away leaving you a very svelte bar at the top.

    I think the QAT is a great idea for those with limited real estate though. If you add some of the features that people mentioned above such as share to Facebook this could be an extremely functional toolbar for any user with a modest familiarity with short-cut keys and context menus. For me, I would put some share items such as email to and burn to disk in that bar since the basic file operations I do more quickly with shortcuts.

    The other thing that I wanted to mention from a comment above is the desire for view of pics or playback of video in the preview pane.

    Overall nice changes for everyone. Ribbon for average users who have no interest in shortcut keys and the QAT for the more experienced user who wants some customization. Keep up the good work.
    Yes, as he said, Ribbon for average users who have no interest in shortcut keys and the QAT for the more experienced user who wants some customization.
    I also like the shortcuts implemented in Ribbon as well. Pretty nifty.

    Yes, Keep up the good work Microsoft.
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    Default Improving our file management basics: copy, move, rename, and delete

    Windows 8 blog post Improving our file management basics: copy, move, rename, and delete - Building Windows 8 - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

    Paused color:
    A lot of people have said they don't like yellow for the pause color.
    Ben,23 Aug: “The yellow "pause" color looks like a slow transfer more than a paused transfer”

    Yellow color for pause is appropriate I think, as we have in traffic light too. Also IDM (Internet Download Manager) has yellow color for paused downloads. So its standard color.

    Shift+Click for No To All
    5 Lesser Known Windows Tips
    Maybe that's useful we have it in Windows 8 too? I don't know.

    Other suggestions I liked as Dan Swain said :

    -“Improved Bulk Renaming - Something like a rename to pattern feature. “
    IrfanView app has great Batch Rename setting.
    -“ For a normal delete, remove the "Are you sure" prompt, just highlight the undo button, (keep prompt for permanent delete)”
    -I like other his suggestion as he said if we have "It ain't gonna fit" popup.

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    Default Windows 8 Developer Preview: Windows Explorer Screenshot Gallery

    Windows 8 Developer Preview: Windows Explorer Screenshot Gallery
    "Despite focusing quite heavily on the future with the new Windows shell and its Start screen and tailored, Metro-style apps in Windows 8, Microsoft is also investing in the classic and depreciated Windows desktop. This includes a new version of Windows Explorer, which includes a new ribbon-based UI, new Control Panels, a restyled taskbar, a new Task Manager, an improved file copy experience, and other new features."
    xpclient, also said like that on Designing for Metro style and the desktop - Building Windows 8 - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

    "Thanks for recognizing the value and power the traditional desktop PC offers and preserving that experience while giving us the re-imagined style. My only concern is as Microsoft progresses the tablet interfaces, the development and progress desktop features would slow down or get ignored. Please don't let that happen. I look forward to both in Windows 8 as I will be using multiple devices with Windows 8, and use whichever interface suits each device as I see fit. I do not wish to see the simple Metro style in the regular desktop interfaces. Metro looks great when it isn't mixed with Aero. I would also want for Aero to remain as long as the desktop exists.

    My opinion remains unchanged that there is nothing as flexible, powerful and versatile as the conventional Windows PC with the largest ever ecosystem of quality apps. At the same time, I am excited to see progress on smaller screen factors and the new app ecosystem optimized for it.

    This is an assurance to long time Windows users that they need not worry about the familiar Windows experience going away, yet expecting to see innovation on the tablet front."

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    i just want win8 ...

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    Default Windows 8 excitement

    It has been awhile that I didn’t post here. But I had an eye on Windows 8 news and topics posted on IntoWindows and Winsupersite, and many others.
    It is all great to read about Windows 8 things and I feel like I will deeply love using Windows 8 when it comes out late 2012.
    I did install developer preview, and I love it too much, as a tech savvy user. And I love the new Metro-style Start screen, which
    combined with Windows 7 desktop UI, it gives much productivity to the user in many ways.

    For Windows 8, Microsoft is doing a very traffic job, making it great OS for both professional desktop users and as well as tablet users.
    For 2012, I will get a Windows phone too. Thanks for Windows phone 8.

    This is what Microsoft is doing for Windows 8:
    As I posted a quote from Winsupersite: “Microsoft reexamining every little piece of the system.”
    The first thing I noticed using Windows 8 is the great changes in Windows Aero:
    Parts of a window as shown on Working with windows now are changed for better productivity in Windows 8. In many ways, as I have posted before here. For instance, the Title bar now shows the name of the document and program in the center of the window. And the caption buttons are nicer and bigger too.
    The edge of the window borders now are not curve and are like the photo frame on the wall, not having curves. Great idea.
    Extend Windows 8 Expiration Date /
    So, now let’s talk about my experiences of using Windows 8 Developer Preview in my laptop:
    Note that Windows 8 Consumer Preview (Beta) is coming on February 29:
    Windows 8 Consumer Preview coming Feb. 29, bundled apps leaked - TechSpot News Note the many links in that bottom of that post.

    Microsoft is still working on tweaking Windows and acting on the user comments, which is the best job ever:

    As mentioned on Acting on file management feedback - Building Windows 8 - Site Home - MSDN Blogs Explorer: ribbon changes, now the Ribbon is minimized by default.

    Turn the device OFF:
    It was easy for me even that I didn't know about the Display Charms and time/date/notification overlay.
    Information on charms: 10 Key Features in Windows 8: Tablets, Touch and More and
    It was mentioned on Windows 8: The 10 biggest problems so far | ITworld as not an easy process to find the Turn off option. See “4. How do I shut this thing down?” but I could find it just in a minute.

    I could find on 10 Windows 8 Tips and Tricks To Familiarise You With The New OS | how to change the set the weather in Celsius Degrees

    More to write here soon.
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    Default Share Point Themes

    i have window 8 Dummy its really a Awesome Window I Like this window all features

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    I'd like to see some Group Policy controls for Metro UI, and possibly default to desktop (I know in many offices, Metro UI wouldn't work). More virtualization, less SKU's.

    That, and I'd like to see some actual Windows 8 certified hardware. Sure, it's not released yet, but developers are creating apps for hardware that doesn't exist yet. Yes, Windows 7 tablets can run Windows 8, but not with all the features and hardware requirements of 8. I'm hoping they can get something out there soon so a new Vista isn't released. They need to have the manufacturers support, drivers and hardware to make this successful.

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    When I installed Windows 7 Ultimate, I was unable to find the inbuilt movie maker application like in Windows XP. So, I manually installed Windows Live Essentials 2011. What about such kind of movie making applications in Windows 8? Also, it would be great if I get Screen Recorder

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