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Thread: IE9 power tips: the secrets of pinned site shortcuts

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    Default IE9 power tips: the secrets of pinned site shortcuts

    Pinned shortcuts are the killer feature of Internet Explorer 9, as I noted in my review of the IE9 beta yesterday.

    The most common scenario for using pinned apps is to put them on the Taskbar, as I illustrated in my report (and as Microsoft has showed off in their demos). Indeed, that is the right choice for your absolute favorite sites, the ones you use all the time, like a web-based mail client or your Facebook or Twitter page. That lets you treat the site as if it were an app. And as I pointed out earlier, you can also open additional tabs alongside your pinned site to keep groups of related tabs in the same window, identified on the taskbar by the icon of the pinned site. (For a quick refresher on how pinned sites work and why they’re so useful, see “Treating websites as apps.”)

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    Yea its a nice tip. thanks for the link. just downloaded and installed ie9.

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    Thanks for sharing!

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