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Thread: Question about reverse engineering

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    Default Question about reverse engineering

    I'm not quite sure if this forum is the right one to post my topic in, if not the moderators could move it to a suitable one.

    I have a very old program which i've purchased years years back!, it was simple and easy to use with no problems at all, though it was designed at that time to work with windows 95/98, but it continued working even in win2k and winxp environment with no compatability issues

    but sometimes it abends with some MS RTL error code, especially if the program was used to process large files (around 5 or 6 GB)

    After doing some homework i discovered that it uses MS Visual Basic 5 RTL (Msvbvm50.dll) plus few other DLLs & OCXs which are quite (very) old

    In the old days, i had no problems with this program cause most of my files were small in their sizes, so this program used to be quick and efficient

    but now with large number of files (quantity and size) this problem started to happen

    my question is:

    Is there a way to reverse engineer this program and replace some of the inline codes within it to use MS VB 6 or 7 RTL (or dot NET ) instead of the old version 5?

    I'm not a developer, so I don't know if this could be possible or not, theoretically i think it could be done.

    Someone would ask: Why don't you visit their site and purchase or upgrade to a new version of this program without the hassle of going through all this stuff?

    My answer is: few years back I tried this approach, but the company was vanished from the net with no trace at all, i tried google but the only thing I found was the same old version of the program i'm using scattered in shareware sites.

    beside, even if there is a new version (or an alternative programs which is true), i personally prefer to use this old program, i got used to it and to it's interface, and on top of all these ... it does the job.

    BTW, this is not a request for reverse engineering a product, I just want to know if it's possible or not.

    Thank you

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    May be some Hacking Forums Sites could help you, or an Assembly programmer can help you, would like to see if anyone got the solution

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    Short answer is no, it is not possible. Would be a long winded explanation on why but honestly it cannot be done and be useable. Tell me the application and I may possibly could point you to an alternative. I know you say you like the old version.., but sometimes there may be a newer better alternative.
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    Right said LW... Simply NO. FYI after hooking arbitrary code or HEX Editing... You application may go unstable and you may experience frequent crashes.

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