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Thread: Firefox 4.0 official version delayed, Firefox 4.0 RC will be finished February 25th

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    Default Firefox 4.0 official version delayed, Firefox 4.0 RC will be finished February 25th

    Mozilla claims that the Firefox 4.0 release date will be delayed since it will complete the Firefox 4.0 RC version before February 25th.

    “Looking at the hardblocker bug list and not counting blocklist bugs, we have 22 bugs without patches (out of 51 open) that remain to be fixed to get to RC. This is it. It's time to do the final push to get Firefox 4 to release candidate,” Sicore stated in a message to those working on Firefox 4.0.

    “I still see 91 non-blockers being fixed in the past seven days, and 84 actual blockers fixed. With 22 hardblockers remaining without patches, I believe it's time to do daily blocker driving on these few remaining items--triage the noms, review and push on each and every hard blocker, and give approvals the required attention to prevent regressions.

    “We'll organize this today and announce in the engineering meeting. We can't afford to continue landing patches that risk significant regressions. It's churn we don't need.

    “Time to show fortitude. We've done it before, and we'll do it again. Let's finish these last few bugs and aim to finish RC by Feb 25th,” Sicore concluded.
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    Thanks for the update

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