"Barely days after Microsoft revealed its new and fresh Windows 8 user interface, people want it on Windows 7, now.

One developer from Italy thinks he has the answer for those eager Windows 7 users waiting on Windows 8. Sergio James Bruccoleri is currently working on an early version of what he calls “Immersive UI” for Windows 7. Bruccoleri described Windows 8′s new user interface as “fantastic” in an email to WinRumors. “Windows 8 is coming in 2012, so I decided to create a concept in Photoshop and one hour later…an application,” he said. Bruccoleri believes the immersive UI is important for the future of Microsoft’s systems and PC technology but he doesn’t want to wait until 2012."

Developers working to backport Windows 8′s new UI to Windows 7 | WinRumors