Google is accused of favoring its own services over competitors' in search results, but Google says it's just giving users what they want.

Facts that have put Google in the crosshairs of antitrust scrutiny: the company dominates Internet search, which means businesses that don’t rank well in Google’s view of the Internet essentially become invisible and undiscoverable. Google is also accused of favoring its own sites and services in search results over those of competitors, potentially leveraging its dominance in one area of online activity to suppress competition in others.

Google is no longer in the business of sending people to the best sources of information on the Web,” testified Yelp co-founder and CEO Jeremy Stoppelman (PDF). “It is impossible for any of Google’s competitors to be displayed as prominently as Google itself, even if Google’s own algorithm rates them higher. In some instances, Google simply excludes competitor results as a matter of design, not as a matter of objective, algorithmically-driven analysis.”

Google says that competition is just one click away, but that is like saying move to Panama if you don’t like the tax rate in America. It’s a fake choice because no one has Google’s scope or capabilities and consumers won’t, don’t, and in fact can’t jump.
Great read at Digital Trends. | More at US Senate Judiciary Commitee website.

As fas as Google's own propertied ranking higher than the original sources - yes TWC has seen that. It has also seen other scrapper sites ranking higher than TWC these days.

It is really scary when you realize all your work or its recognition or exposure depends on just one private search engine who is free to create its own search algorithm.