A big hype was created even before the Gmail iOS app was released and people were discussing about it. And when it was made available at Apple store yesterday and after using it, everyone was disappointed. The app had a bug with notification and as soon as you launch it, you get the bug notification , how can Google have missed this? The net was buzzing all over discussing it.

Even the interface was not liked by its users.

And later Google apologized for it and pulled it from App stores within hours.

Google reputation has surely taken a beating for creating such a mess of its app. Hope it comes up with a better app soon. Now Hotmail though not an app but provides a separate option for configuring its mail in iOS 5 making it very easy to [COLOR=#2288bb]http://www.thewindowsclub.com/ios-5-upgrade-separate-hotmail-option"]setup Hotmail on iOS devices.

(Source: Google says sorry for the mess - pulls Gmail app for iOS within hours )