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Thread: Google to Launch "MAJEL" to compete with "Siri" Technology of Apple !

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    Default Google to Launch "MAJEL" to compete with "Siri" Technology of Apple !

    Google has planned and created more advancements in the present Voice-recognition softwares that are provided for Android to compete with and beat the Siri launched by Apple in it the latest iPhone 4s !

    Siri as we all know is the latest and one of the great introductions in Apple iPhone 4s, moving towards the 5th Generation of the iPhone and was one of the most sought out feature which Android seemed to be lacking in (though there is a pre provided voice recognition software) it !

    The Introduction of Majel which will be ultimately done to provide control and commands based on Voice for managing and moving between apps, controlling the Phone actions , etc !

    More info on this at source.

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    Also check out this video:

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