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Thread: DuckDuckGo Search Engine search queries show a tremendous jump

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    Default DuckDuckGo Search Engine search queries show a tremendous jump

    These days, there are many users who are disappointed with the kind of crappy search results that Google has been churning out - as a result of which many have started looking out for alternative search engines; one of which is

    For the first time ever since the search engine opened its doors, it received more than 1 million direct search queries. These are generated by direct user requests. Api requests sit steady at the ten million per day mark. This may not seem that impressive in comparison to search engines like Google or Bing, who likely get that traffic in minutes and not days. For DuckDuckGo though, it is reason to celebrate, especially if you take a look at the current growth rate of the site.

    Nice read at GHacks.

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    Wishing Google a very bad luck..

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    I've downloaded this twice for Firefox (8.01) from the firefox addins site but it doesn't appear in my Search box as an option .

    I must be doing something wrong (hard to believe, I know!! ). Any hints, tips, etc. etc.?

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