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Thread: Microsoft quietly extends consumer support for Windows 7, Vista

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    Default Microsoft quietly extends consumer support for Windows 7, Vista

    Summary: This month, with almost no fanfare, Microsoft has revised its support policy for consumer versions of Windows. The two most recent releases, Vista and Windows 7, now qualify for a full 10 years of support.

    A Microsoft spokesperson confirms the change via email:

    Microsoft is updating the Support Lifecycle policy for Windows desktop operating systems, including Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

    The update will provide a more consistent and predictable experience for customers using Microsoft Windows operating systems across OEM, consumer and business editions.

    Microsoft still requires that customers have the most current Service Pack installed in order to continue to receive updates.

    Through this update, customers who remain on the most current supported service pack will be eligible to receive both Mainstream and Extended Support, for a total of 10 years.
    Via Ed Bott: Microsoft quietly extends consumer support for Windows 7, Vista | ZDNet

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    Great news for those Windows 7 users, who may not be planning to update to Windows 8.

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    That is a real relief. I am very ambivalent about Windows 8 for the desktop. But I will get a tablet once they offer something good (and reasonably priced).

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