The main features that have been Highlighting the latest version of the browser which has Grown apart as the most used in the Andoid are as follows -

1) Hardware acceleration making browsing a lot faster and moving along various websites smoother
2) Addition of as many Speed dials you want overcoming the limit of 9 max Speed Dials
3) For users who are roaming frequently and are mostly out of their Home network , this new version of Opera is a must for them as Opera Mini 7 compresses, squeezes and jams webpages from the network into your phone.
4) The latest release entitles it to become a Handy app web-travel category allowing you to access web faster by giving you a choice to cut down 90% of the original Data .
5) My favorite feature is Opera has finally Provided "Exit" button for this version as well which can be enabled by Going to Advanced under Settings . This functionality was till today available in Opera Mobile for Android !
6)If you are on Android4.0 (ICS) You can enjoy sharing Url's via NFC Beam .

Download Opera Mini 7 for Android from Google play -

Opera Mini 7 can also be downloaded by directly visiting here -