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Thread: Sneak release preview of Windows 8 due first week in June

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    Default Sneak release preview of Windows 8 due first week in June

    Windows 8 Release Preview coming in the first week of June | The Verge

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    I guess this is the "Release Candidate" which Microsoft is now calling Release Preview.

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    I'm looking forward to this. I want to see if they took the consumer reaction to the lost Start menu and put in either A:The Start Menu or B:An alternative menu. MetroUI is great, but I don't use Start Screen as an alternative Start menu. I'm probably using it wrong, but I know there is a LOT of backlash to removing it. The Average Joe (even literally: Joe Pirillo) has a difficult time using Windows without the Start menu.

    Give me a touchscreen and get rid of the Start menu and I'm fine. It's perfect. I can't use Windows 7 efficiently with a touchscreen.
    But, without touchscreen and I need/want the Start menu.

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    Really can't be bothered with another windows yet.

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