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Thread: Only 1 OS proved to be unhackable ... Windows 8

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    Default Only 1 OS proved to be unhackable ... Windows 8

    At the Black Hat and DEF CON security conferences in Las Vegas, only one operating system escaped unscathed... Windows 8!

    One hacker at Black Hat Sung-ting Tsai of Trend Micro did try to crack Windows 8, but ultimately he just detailed a few paths that could possibly become exploitable in the future.
    Read more at ITPortal.

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    I predict, mostly it will be on mobile devices. I can't see producers rushing to edit video in that insane gui. movie maker is crippled, no start button, taskbar doesn't list all tasks. and on and on. Sure it boots fast and may or may not be cracked yet. They been hacking the uxtheme.dll on it already, so it's just a matter of time before everything else is cracked, classic menu already works, stardock already sells a start button for $5. But who want's such an os? windows 7 is just barely catching up with XP for audio and video workstations, the mixer is overly annoying in 8 just like 7. The whole idea of paid subscriptions for these funky flash apps makes me nauseated. There's no way I would load an adobe suite on it, the gui is too much wack a mole.

    They should drop win 8 and extend XP patches past the -EOL- and work the bugs out of win 7 in my honest opinion.
    The economy is messed up because of the corruption in the monetary system, people are tight and things are breaking left and right, we don't need a collapse of society because of a bunch of new formats and removed features of the past.
    CHARGE us for the updates on XP, we'll all freaking pay if it's money you are after!! But this is about more than money, it's about total spectrum domination using national security and copyright. That's why they are keeping discussions secret, then boom some new freaking treaty. It's a pattern that better be stopped, just like everyone ditching real os's that get work done for bugs, problems, and patches.
    Can win 8 be good? Yeah, but they better fix the gui fast! put in a switch, either mobile device, or workstation with a start button.

    Ironic that we pretend to be concerned with others privacy, and whether or not their os can be "cracked" when the channel of discussion already has the personal information of the persons worried about his os security in the first place ... nevermind I am not explaining this correctly. It doesn't make logical sense for me, to have a security plan which involves giving away your secrets to people who have a history of losing that information so easily regardless of the excuse. It's more like they don't care about your privacy, or rights, and want to dominate what does and doesn't work on your system.

    Looking at win 8 from an XP perspective, I DARE you to Pick Something...

    1. Audio Mixer completely different api
    2. Start button
    3. Start menu
    4. moviemaker
    5. These New Ribbons
    6. Classic Menu's
    7. Themes and why do we STILL HAVE UNOFFICIAL uxtheme.dll patching? where's the official patch? HUH?
    8. Dos mode
    9. XP mode I admit they are getting better, but they aren't there yet.
    10. Win 95 mode. Hah I can run micrografx picture perfect on win 8, but not everything
    11. relocation and illogical setup of control panel, settings and snapin's (this is getting worse not better, the event logs are insane!!!)
    12. Junctions and hardlink and permission hell. Try ztree on it. Run as Admin, Sys, User in XP I go everywhere period. Where's the productivity logic in having to maintain and work in three ztree's? Or three shell's period. On shell can be elevated. Give me a break.

    Shall I go off topic with win 7 and it's equal problems? Which forum should it be discussed I wonder, where we talk about all these problems as a whole, and as a dark pattern of illogical removal of functions and the overall descending down into a fascist controlled operating system? Mind you, I don't WANT microsoft to go further south. I got news for folks that think that way, I am not tossing hundreds of thousands dollars of my legacy hardware for a $250 operating system that works like garbage.

    Back to windows 8
    I admit, A new mobile phone, or touch device wouldn't be bad on windows 8, but to pretend it's ready for a pro DAW or Video Editing workstation is nuts.
    I also find it interesting that it can run on both situations. That is quite fascinating. I give props for that. But thumbs down for delusion of what's under the hood while meeting with the pressure of a "so-called" upgrade.

    I am not a microsoft basher, I use what works, that could be any os. No microsoft operating system runs iptables for example. or pf. You don't emulate busy routers. Websites okay..

    I just feel let down by microsoft. What's the deal, I see this in many companies right now, do they all want to just turn the lights out? I mean it feels like that's where we are headed.

    Take a producer, upgrades his windows, now his show can't be rendered. Oh he'll just quit his show then, quit work, quit buying, start dieing, lights out, or free stuff welfare (which we don't have money for! with this debt to gdp!) This is math, you can't trick math. when you've loaned out 20:1 or 43:1 and someone want's to make a withdraw, your toast. It feels like the tools of the IT trade are being crippled at a time when we need them the most to bring back jobs. The government doesn't create jobs, people do.

    I should add that this is my opinion, and I don't see any of my friends disagree with me. Yet, where they don't speak up, I do.
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