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Thread: Video Conferencing - Cloud or Web Conferencing Appliance

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    Default Video Conferencing - Cloud or Web Conferencing Appliance

    Hi, I am finishing interning at a medical device company and one of my final tasks is to find and implement a video conferencing program. One of the biggest issues is having one that has the best available security. They are concerned that if they use a hosted or "cloud" service, someone who is outside the company might be able to get into the meeting. I have found some companies that have software but you need to get a server and I also found a web conferencing appliance option. They all say they are secure. So, I was hoping someone here might have more details or be able to point me in the best direction. I am not sure which way to go. Thank you.

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    Only Video Conferencing can be achieved by using Polycom, Accutel etc video conferencing devices. However, if you want to have we / video conferencing together, What I suggest is to have on premise web conferencing appliance such as RHUB which is secured and reliable. You may have a look at

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