Last sunday, I volunteered Community Service, and what I took part in was computer repair. I had learned something about computer technology, therefore, the small problem on the computer, such as windows won't start, sound is not normal, re-install system etc. I can still easily to resolve.

That afternoon, we received Mark's computer request, he said he lost his important project files it was stored on ntfs partition, and he wanted to get this files back vexedly. I had never met such computer problem before, and other people also have no idea. Not the computer problem can't be solved, I open my laptop at once, google searched " ntfs recovery " , I saw tons of results. This is a common computer repair problems, I was ashamed of my shallow insight.

After a search, I found people like to use ntfs data recovery software to recover ntfs. Now what I needed to do is found a good software. By comparison, I chose Tenorshare Data Recovery. Now, I will tell how I recver ntfs file with this software. First, I downloaded it from its' offical website, and installed it. It has two kinds of recovery, one is "Deleted Recovery", the other is "Formatted Recovery", Mark was deleted his files by mistake, so here I choose "Deleted Recovery" , I select the partition Mark lost his data, cilck"Scan" to search the recoverable files, then select a partition which is different from the one your lost files located or an external hard drive to save the newly recovered files. At last, just click" OK" to complete NTFS data recovery . When I saw Mark was very happy to get his important project files back, I also felt happy too.

Although I was very tired when I came home, I thought it was worth it. The volunteer activities not only can help others, but I can learn more thing.

Hi, guy, if you have time at weekend, please join us, help others, and improve yourself !