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Thread: Anti Spam Creation Profile

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    Default Anti Spam Creation Profile

    Profile Creation

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    Hello Everyone,

    Spam is the generic term for the electronic commercial email, fax, and mobile or smart phone text and image-based messages you receive without having requested them. PhpBB is one of the most used forum platform because of the open source nature. Spam is the main concern for PhpBB administrator because there are lot many bots running on the web and some of them are capable to breach the CAPTCHA code as well. TypePad AntiSpam blocks comment spam to improve the quality of your blog conversations and for the good of the blogosphere. Anti-Spam profiles can be created to specify the action to be taken with spam. You can bind custom features using security policies.

    To Create an anti-spam profile a user should go through following steps:

    1. Select Object Manager > UTM > Anti-Spam Profiles.
    2. NSM displays two tables: Predefined UTM AS Profiles on top and Custom UTM AS Profiles below. You can only view, but not edit the listed predefined profiles, whereas you can create and edit custom profiles.
    3. Select + in the Custom UTM AS Profiles table. The New Anti-Spam Profile window opens
    4. Enter a name for the profile.
    5. Enter a comment or description.
    6. Select a color from the drop-down list.
    7. Enable Use default SBL.
    8. Select an action: Block, Tag header, Tag subject.
    9. Enter a tag string and then select "OK" option.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Carlow Olson

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    Whats is this thread about?

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