Windows 8 users or beginners I must say, good news for you all! HP has released their second OEM free app titled ‘Getting Started with Windows 8’ in the Windows Store. The app in addition to a lot of readable content on Windows 8 contains multimedia materials to help new users start with the new OS.

The initiative taken by HP has been welcomed and appreciated by many since there is no proper tutorial bundled with the operating system that instructs a new Windows 8 user on how to perform basic tasks. The best part is the app is for free and not only allow users with HP machines to access the Windows 8 content but also the people who haven’t purchased HP hardware.

Currently, the app contains tutorial materials on older vsersions of Windows OS such as Windows 7 and Windows XP but hopefully, the company will fill the app with Windows 8 materials soon. In the days to come, may be we can see many other OEMs following the suit.

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