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Thread: What is Iphone?

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    Question What is Iphone?

    Please tell me what is I-Phone?

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    A mobile smartphone made by the Apple company.

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    iPhone is the smartphone made by Apple. Similar to Android & Windows phones, but only made by Apple.

    Apple - iPhone 5 - The thinnest, lightest, fastest iPhone ever.

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    I am sorry to say, I got caught up in wanting to see what the Iphone 5 was all about. Lets just say, it is not a windows phone! Siri, makes more mistakes than the windows lady. Call quality is not near as good even with the new carrier with the LTE network. Everyone says I sound like I am in a barrow now. Windows HTC phone I have is so much better. And all you have to do to hook up a bluetooth with windows is lay the item or put whatever on and it hooks up. It took me and a tech to get my expensive bluetooth ear piece that worked perfect with windows.. Took 3 weeks to get it hooked to the Iphone. Sadly, I am stuck for two yrs with the Iphone. But I will keep my windows phone and love every min. of it. And maybe by the time my two yrs is up. They will have my perfect windows phone again! Just saying to all. Don't listen to all the hype about the Iphone. Sure it might take better pictures, But I have expensive camera's that do alot better and I use for my photos. That is all I can see that is better!
    Not to put down people's love of their phone, But windows is so much easier and so much better. Plus tons cheaper! Maybe my experience with the Iphone 5 will improve and it will get better. Lets hope!

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    high-end smart phone, by apple company. almost everyone wants to get one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mariary View Post
    high-end smart phone, by apple company. almost everyone wants to get one.
    I belive that is about to stop! After the windows phone 8, hopefully we will see some changes in the market of smartphone! Just my opinion!
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    Very like the Windows phone smartphone Nokia Lumia 920, and the yellow one seems so cool.

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